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Going on a cruise can be an exciting experience, but far too many travelers make simple mistakes that take away from the experience. Experienced travelers share what mistakes to avoid on your next ocean voyage.

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Ellen and Ted Kortan | Earth Vagabonds

June 14, 2019

Retired budget travel: Monthly cost to live seaside in Vietnam

How does under 2k for two people sound?

Anda Galffy | Travel Notes and Beyond

June 14, 2019

Salzburg Day Trips: Best Places to Visit Around Salzburg in One Day

Salzburg makes an excellent home base for side excursions. This list of Salzburg day trips will show you the best places to visit around Salzburg in a day. The post Salzburg Day Trips: Best Places to Visit Around Salzburg in One Day appeared first on Travel Notes & Beyond.

Beverley Malzard | Travelgal on the move

June 14, 2019

How to be bold in Boulder

I had five hours to spend in Boulder, a city in the grand state of Colorado in the USA. What to do? I couldn’t give you a full-on review of a city I had not explored, nor had been there before. What I did know: it’s a city of just 103,000 residents (almost a third of whom […]

Cindi Conley | Traveling Later

June 14, 2019

The Best Tools For Tackling Travel Planning

People don’t take Big Trips that often. They might happen once a year or every five years. But when it’s a Big (and special) One, we want it to be perfect. Like perfect enough to blow you away while it’s happening – and give you stand out cocktail-party-worthy stories. Planning THAT is a massive undertaking… […]

Leigh McAdam | HikeBikeTravel

June 14, 2019

The Superb 8 Day Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu

Have you ever heard of the Choquequirao trek? I had not until I spent some time looking through active vacations on the G Adventures website. I don’t know how this superb 8 day trek slipped by me. I’m familiar with… The post The Superb 8 Day Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu appeared first on Hike […]

Karen Warren | WorldWideWriter

June 14, 2019

The Gorge of Ponte Alto and its Man-made Waterfalls

The Gorge of Ponte Alto, near Trento in the far north of Italy, has been a tourist attraction since the 1800s. It is easy to see why: two tall waterfalls cascading noisily through a narrow ravine. The view is spectacular, but it is not entirely a natural phenomenon. An early feat of engineering, the gorge […]

Sue Davies | Travel For Life Now

June 14, 2019

How To Go To World Pride Stonewall 50th Anniversary

The post How To Go To World Pride Stonewall 50th Anniversary appeared first on Travel For Life Now.

Geoff Moore | The Travel Trunk

June 14, 2019

Caledonian Sleeper Service to Scotland Cancelled

The new Caledonian Sleeper service is currently plagued with a host of issues from mechanical breakdowns to occasional staffing shortages with today it having to cancel its service. However, I am not here to join in the media criticism of… The post Caledonian Sleeper Service to Scotland Cancelled appeared first on The Travel Trunk.

Jan Robinson | Budget Travel Talk

June 13, 2019

What to see at Hobart Botanical Garden

A visit to the Hobart Botanical Garden in Tasmania, is as colourful as a flower, as other-worldly as a Subantarctic Island and as simple as a picnic on the grass. We arrived fresh on the heels of a return road trip from Hobart to Bruny Island and a relaxed walk around the garden was just […]

Betsy Wuebker | Passing Thru

June 13, 2019

Your Kefalonia Travel Guide

Kefalonia has long been seen as one of the most beautiful and idyllic islands in Europe. It is the largest of all the Ionian Islands and can be found on the West coast of Greece. It has been a popular tourist destination for many years now. Nevertheless, one of the main reasons why people tend […]

Janine Thomas | Gastrotravelogue

June 13, 2019


I opened my hotel blinds to a gloomy, rainy day. My heart sank because this was the day that I was going to be whisked away, with my friend Neil, into the Italian countryside. My vision of sun-kissed vineyards and romantic earthy coloured buildings were shattered. All the reviews that I had seen of the […]

Leigh McAdam | HikeBikeTravel

June 13, 2019

Giveaway: One Parks Canada Discovery Pass

Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I enjoy visiting Canada’s national parks. So far I’ve been to 31 of the 47 parks. I’ve yet to visit Rouge – just outside of Toronto but I have been to two… The post Giveaway: One Parks Canada Discovery Pass appeared first on Hike Bike Travel.

Janice Chung | France Travel Tips

June 13, 2019

Wine And Relaxation At Château Autignac

When unique experiences in France can be combined with a stay at a stylish, luxurious French château, then it’s a bonus. I had just this type of opportunity recently where I was able to combine wine and relaxation at Château Autignac and it’s a stay I highly recommend. Château Autignac is located just north of […]

Lea Cramer | Fine Dining and Discourse

June 13, 2019


If you are planning a trip to Paris, here are 17 things you should know before you go. The post Paris appeared first on Fine Dining on Discourse.

Simon Collins | Free Two Roam

June 13, 2019

The Best Green Things to do in New York City

This is a guest post by Nicoline Berthy from The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about New York City isn’t exactly a natural oasis – rather it’s a concrete jungle. But despite its many tall buildings and eternal hustle and bustle, this American metropolis has surprisingly many eco-friendly things to do, […]

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