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Going on a cruise can be an exciting experience, but far too many travelers make simple mistakes that take away from the experience. Experienced travelers share what mistakes to avoid on your next ocean voyage.

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Betsy Wuebker | Passing Thru

July 19, 2019

Visiting Saudi Arabia? Here Are Some Do’s and Don’ts

If you are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia, make sure you are aware of things you should and should not do in the Kingdom. Before you travel to any of the cities in KSA, be aware of their rules and culture in order not to do something that might inadvertently offend or be illegal. […]

John Henderson | Dog-Eared Passport

July 19, 2019

What’s in my backpack? From Clif Bars to a tape recorder, these are what I never leave home without

A popular question celebrities get online is what’s the one thing they always carry in their bag when they travel. I’ve read everything from a teddy bear to those silly looking neck cushions that bounce around the top of bags … Continue reading →

Simon Collins | Free Two Roam

July 19, 2019

An Amazing 10-Day Tour of the Galapagos Islands with G Adventures

We absolutely love wildlife, so if there was one place in South America that we wouldn’t have missed, it’s the Galapagos Islands. Everyone we’ve met who’d been to the Galapagos has always come back raving about it and telling us wildlife lovers that we just had to go there.  With Ecuador as the first stop […]

Elaine J. Masters | Trip Well Gal

July 19, 2019

Alaska: Discovering the Last Frontier Video

The post Alaska: Discovering the Last Frontier Video appeared first on Empty Nestopia ®.

Leigh McAdam | HikeBikeTravel

July 19, 2019

One of the Best Hikes in Banff – The Hike to Fish Lakes

If you’re looking for one of the best hikes in Banff, you’d do well to choose the hike to Fish Lakes via North Molar Pass. Very fit hikers could knock off the 29.6 km return hike to the lakes in… The post One of the Best Hikes in Banff – The Hike to Fish Lakes […]

Mark & Elizabeth Rudd | Compass and Fork

July 19, 2019

How to Save Money on Your Trip To Vietnam

Based on the cost of a three week tour, our trip to Vietnam cost roughly the same amount of money for over seven weeks in Vietnam. Three weeks or seven weeks for the same money! Big difference. So how did we do it? And better yet, how can you save money on your trip to […]

James and Nancy O'Leary | Life Of The Empty Nesters

July 19, 2019

Allentown’s Liberty Bell Museum

We recently visited Allentown’s Liberty Bell Museum in Pennsylvania USA. Yes, we are happy we did! You will understand more after reading this travel blog. Every year, millions of people flock to see the famous Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania. Here, you will discover some amazing historical facts. In addition, you will also learn about one […]

Karen Warren | WorldWideWriter

July 19, 2019

Exploring Tridentum, the Roman City of Trento, Italy

Trento, in northern Italy, is best known as a Renaissance city. However, the area has been settled since ancient times, most notably by the Romans, who arrived in the 1st century BC.  They founded a city which they named Tridentum and, if you look hard enough, you can still see plenty of evidence of the […]

Christina Román | Explore Now or Never

July 18, 2019

What to Pack for Ireland: 21 Useful Items to Bring

Are you on your way to the Emerald Isle? If so, you’ve landed in the right place! The weather in Ireland is nothing if not changeable…biting wind and rain giving way to sunny blue skies and warm temps when you least expect it. It’s all part of the charm so don’t fret; just pack smart […]

Carmen Edelson | Carmen's Luxury Travel

July 18, 2019

Off the Beaten Path Europe Cities: 5 Locations For Your Bucket List

Summer is here! That means it’s time to travel to gorgeous and exciting destinations around the world. There’s nothing better than packing your bag and catching a flight to Europe. Yet it can be even more exciting to visit destinations that many travelers overlook. That’s right, you might want to skip the major tourist cities in […]

Julie Fox | Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

July 18, 2019

My Best-Ever Fashionista Day At the Dior Exhibit in London

When I sat down to write about my second 24 hours in London, I realized that I needed to pen a special post about my best-ever fashionista day at the Dior exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum. OMG, it… The post My Best-Ever Fashionista Day At the Dior Exhibit in London appeared first on […]

Carol Guttery | Wayfaring Views

July 18, 2019

Catch an Eyeful on This Extensive Tour of Bogota Street Art

Wayfaring Views Find out why Bogota’s street art is entirely original with this graffiti tour, offering the full scoop on the murals and where to find them. The post Catch an Eyeful on This Extensive Tour of Bogota Street Art appeared first on Wayfaring Views.

Janice Chung | France Travel Tips

July 18, 2019

Bike Ride Along The Canal du Midi From Carcassonne

I had always wanted to bike along the Canal du Midi in the Languedoc region of southern France; however, in my initial research, I encountered reports of rough paths with tree roots sticking up and unmanageable paths. Either I was lucky or all those reports were wrong because the bike ride along the Canal du […]

Donna Hull | My Itchy Travel Feet

July 18, 2019

Heart Thumping Travel Adventures for Baby Boomers

This article was developed in collaboration with St. Joseph® Low Dose Aspirin. Personal opinions and thoughts within this article are my own. Have you experienced new adventures on boomer travels that put a little love in your heart, and an enthusiasm to try it again on the next trip? Isn’t that the best? Since starting […]

Nancy D Brown | What A Trip Travels with Nancy D Brown

July 18, 2019

Road Trip of Ohio’s Very Large Things: The World’s Largest

“Fishermen’s Dream” Guest post by Jamie Rhein My recommendation for any road trip is to swing by some item that’s very large. Large items make for fun photo ops. One of our favorite largest item detour is the Enchanted Highway outside of Bismark, North Dakota. There is where you will find a series […] The […]

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