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Going on a cruise can be an exciting experience, but far too many travelers make simple mistakes that take away from the experience. Experienced travelers share what mistakes to avoid on your next ocean voyage.

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Simon Collins | Free Two Roam

September 20, 2019

Hiking in the Tayrona National Park from the Calabazo entrance

The Tayrona National Park is one of the prettiest national parks in Colombia. Located on the Caribbean Coast, Tayrona is pretty much paradise on earth. With palm trees galore, stunning blue water, white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife, it’s everything you might be looking for in a tropical getaway. It sounds perfect and it sure […]

Ellen and Ted Kortan | Earth Vagabonds

September 20, 2019

Cameron Highlands: perfect weather, scenery, prices

A dream spot to stop on our retired budget travel world tour. The post Cameron Highlands: perfect weather, scenery, prices appeared first on Earth Vagabonds.

Tam Warner Minton | Travels with Tam

September 20, 2019

Are you Afraid You Will Forget to Pack these Essential Travel Items? Are you Afraid You Will Forget to Pack these Essential Travel Items? Well, don’t be! Most of us forget at least one item when traveling. The post Are you Afraid You Will Forget to Pack these Essential Travel Items? appeared first on TRAVELS WITH TAM.

Janine Thomas | Gastrotravelogue

September 20, 2019

6 Roman Amphitheatres in France That Still Hold Events

Many amphitheatres were built during Roman times, around 1 AD. An amphitheatre is an open-air venue for sports, performances, and entertainment. They were oval, round, or semi-circular in shape with seating for 10s of thousands of people. During the rule of Emperor Augustus, many were built in France and are often called “Arenas” (Arènes). Fortunately, […]

Ian Breslin | Global Gallivants

September 20, 2019

updated travel plans gallivants journal

Our updated travel plans are in their final stages as we prepare for our departure. With a little over 2 weeks we’ll be flying to Mumbai from the UK and then heading down to Palolem, South Goa in Southern India to set up base. Updated Travel Plans It’s been a busy month, as we’ve been […]

Diana Laskaris | Food Travelist

September 20, 2019

Enjoying European Waterways

Diana Laskaris We Love Barge Cruising If you’ve followed us for awhile, you know we love the slow, luxurious barge cruises. You… Ambassadors of World Food Tourism. – Food Travelist connects food travelers around the world with relevant brands, destinations and experiences.

Jane Dempster-Smith | To Travel Too

September 20, 2019

Top Unforgettable Activities to Do in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has been on our radar for the last 18 months so when Mike Jensen from The Adventourist reached out to guest write for us… The post Top Unforgettable Activities to Do in Ethiopia appeared first on To Travel Too.

John Henderson | Dog-Eared Passport

September 20, 2019

My five favorite wine bars in Rome: The perfect Roman-tic evening

I’ve always told people wanting to party in Rome that this city isn’t a bar town. It’s a restaurant town. However, it is the world’s greatest bar town in one specific genre: wine bars. Called enotecas in Italian, they enjoyed … Continue reading →

David and Linda Aksomitis | Guide 2 Travel

September 20, 2019

Guide to Northern Ireland: An Unexpected Hit with Tourists

A guide to Northern Ireland providing planning tips for a visit to Ireland and cities such as Dublin. See attractions from UNESCO sites to Titanic Museum. The post Guide to Northern Ireland: An Unexpected Hit with Tourists appeared first on

James and Nancy O'Leary | Life Of The Empty Nesters

September 20, 2019

V.I.V. Cave Kayaking Tour

This is sponsored post, however, all of our opinion our are own. If you looking for a wonderful adventure in Belize, you will want to contact V.I.V. Cave Kayaking Tour. Nancy and I had a great time kayaking in the caves!! We would categorized this tour as an easy to moderate level exercise touring experience. […]

Anda Galffy | Travel Notes and Beyond

September 20, 2019

Kilauea Iki Trail – Hiking Into the Heart of Kilauea Crater in Hawaii

One of my favorite hiking places in Hawaii is the Kilauea Iki trail in the Volcanoes National Park. It’s a first hand encounter with the raw nature of Hawaii. The trail is next to the main summit caldera of Kilauea, an active volcano that has been causing damages to the Big Island for many years. […]

Betsi Hill | Betsi's World

September 20, 2019

Avoiding Crime While Traveling

Sometimes crime while traveling can feel unavoidable. There are ways that you can avoid crime while traveling without feeling like you are spending the entire trip looking over your shoulder in fear. Avoiding Crime While Traveling Criminals like easy victims: those who are alone, lost, distracted, in unfamiliar surroundings. Travelers, unfortunately, often fit this profile. […]

Janine Thomas | Gastrotravelogue

September 20, 2019


If you are wondering what’s Thai food is about and which Thai food is the best to try then you have come to the right place. I have been to Thailand 11 times and eaten my way up and down the country in search of the best food in Thailand. When I think about the […]

Dan Fellner | Global Travel Info

September 20, 2019

Monaco: Playground of the Rich and Famous

Visit to tiny country highlight of Mediterranean Sea cruise The Arizona Republic — September 22, 2019 MONTE CARLO, Monaco – No wonder James Bond loved hanging out here so much….

Danila Mansfield | Not Dun Roamin

September 18, 2019

Egypt Videos

So far, there’s only one video, and of course it’s scuba diving! My first trip (but not my last!) to Egypt was a fantastic dive trip in the Red Sea, with Girls That Scuba and Insider Divers. Boat by Blue O Two.  Check it out: Check out all our videos here. Read more about meaningful […]

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